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How to make a viral video

Many people want to know how to make a video go viral, the bad news is it’s not as easy as it seems for the most part. The most reliable way is to create great and unique content of course, and post this onto YouTube or Vimeo. It’s important to make your content as widely popular as possible, without targeting a very niche audience. If you look at the most popular viral videos marketed on this site, they offer a very wide appeal, either by interest or just plain curiousity.

The second most important thing to do is submit your video to as many social networks and viral type sites as possible, including Facebook (by far the biggest!), Twitter, Reddit and Digg. You can also submit your video to us, and the many other viral sites across the web. It’s a time comsuming thing to do, but crucial to the success of your video.

If you find a great video you think we might be interested in, then please let us know.

Viral video chart

If you are looking for a viral video chart, please check out the YouTube Viral Chart.

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