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Witness The Devastating Effects Of The Home Alone Booby Traps

Now this is a holiday classic – Home Alone movie franchise, which is always shown during Christmas.

We all laughed at the inept burglars, trying to rob smart little Kevin’s home, and finding out they bit on a bit more than they could actually chew. Kevin’s ingenious ideas on how to stop the men from getting into his house had us all in stitches.

We all know the film was not based on a true story, and in real life Kevin would have been probably better off to hide somewhere than to try and challenge the burglars. It is fun to watch nonetheless. Have you ever wondered though if it would even be possible to re-create these booby traps, and how would a person be affected by them?

Well wonder no more, for this video is going to explain a few of the traps used by Kevin.

Hohoho, don’t try this at home, kids!