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These Boys Saw Shapes In The Water… Now Watch The Incredible Footage!

Imagine this – you and a few friends want to go on a boat, do a bit of rowing, some sightseeing, maybe catch a fish. You get away from the shore, rowing on a smooth water, then you see some shapes in the distance. And then you realise they are killer orcas…

This is what happened to these guys. There trips being organised that would take you to the spots where you can see orcas, people pay good money to see them in the wild. These guys are lucky to stumble upon such awesome and beautiful spectacle, right? Watch them as the orcas are getting ever closer to their boat, just jumping joyfully through the water but at the same time putting the guys in great peril. What if they swim too close and the boat tips over?

This is an awesome nature video, but at the same time, you realise just how close these guys came to being seriously injured. Share the video with your friends, and give them a thrill!