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This Why Sticking Your Feet Out Of Bed At Night Helps You Sleep

If you have ever suffered from insomnia you know how awful not being able to nod off to sleep is. Or even not being able to sleep once in a while – it’s just so annoying! All the stupid things you have ever said in your entire life come to your head right then to haunt you, you’re counting sheep, you’re trying to meditate – nothing is helping. You toss and turn, getting more and more hot and bothered… Wait, this may be where the problem is!

This video is showing you one ingenious way of tackling insomnia. Just stuck your foot out! Apparently if you are too hot, you struggle to sleep, and feet are our bodies’ thermostats. Why? Well, watch the video and find out for yourself! And then share it with your friends – after all, we all struggle to sleep from time to time.