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While Simon Rolls His Eyes, This 9-Year-Old Wins Our Hearts With This Celine Dion Hit

Don’t be fooled by this girl’s tiny posture and young age, for her voice has the power to move crowds! Meet 9 year old Celine Tam, who participated in America’s Got Talent. As soon as she entered the stage, she confessed her favorite singer was Celine Dion.

celine dion 1

Just like the grown-up famous Celine, little Celine’s voice has the capability to awe her audience, as she proved in this AGT audition.

Celine’s talent was discovered almost by accident. She was travelling with her parents and younger sister when Ms Dion’s famous “My Heart Will Go On” came on the radio. Celine started singing with the radio, and it became obvious what an astonishing and powerful voice she had. That was when her interest in singing started.

caline dion 2

Strangely enough, little Celine’s parents are huge Celine Dion’s fans themselves, so much so they named their daughter after their idol! It seems that by doing so, they destined her for greatness, and her name became a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Celine’s parents enabled her to succeed by giving her every opportunity to work on her talent. This all paid off in that one America’s Got Talent audition, when her performance and incredible vocal abilities wowed the judges.

Celine’s little sister is called Dionne, also in Celine Dion’s honor. Time will only show whether she has also been blessed with that incredible vocal talent!