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She Filled These Glass Jars With Fruit And Put Them In The Oven. Now Watch The Magic Happen…

Move over, mug-cakes, there is a new cake invention in town.

Next time you fancy a sweet treat, but don’t have an awful lot of stuff at home, and can’t be bothered to go to the shop – give this recipe a try. Just flour, sugar and butter, no fancy equipment, in fact you can bake them in a jar! How cool is that, you don’t even need a baking try, so if all your mugs are in the wash, and no microwave at home – make this. And invite your friends over, because you’re not going put the oven on for just one cake. Unless you put them in fridge for later, you greedy little thing (I would!). Share this video with your friends to show them what they would be missing out on!