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Mom Tells Baby Girl Something Very Sweet. Now Enjoy The Baby’s Comeback…

This mum captured the sweetest exchange between herself and her baby daughter, Gemma Kate! You wouldn’t think such a little child is able to have a conversation with her parent yet, but what the baby does will melt your heart.


As mum sings “I love you” to her little girl, and Gemma Kate replies to her! It might not be as clear as mum’s, but it definitely sounds like she knows she’s repeating mum’s words.
According to science, it is around 1 year old when babies say their first word. They are often not very clear, but are used consistently to mean the same thing, like “og” for “dog”.


They also are good mimics, which is exactly what this little girl is doing. She might not have the exact pronunciation but is definitely mirroring very well what her mum is saying to her!

This very lucky mum managed to film the whole adorable exchange she had with her daughter, and it is a delight to watch. See for yourself in the video below.