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Lost Dog Was Gone For Years. She Bursts With Joy After Finally Finding Her Master Again

When Pakita the stray was brought into the animal shelter in Argentina, it looked like rehoming her would be almost impossible. She was extremely sad and withdrawn, which potential adopters could find discouraging. She was also already quite old, meaning that again people would be less likely to offer her a new home.

lost day reunion 2

The people at the shelter didn’t give up hope of finding a family for Pakita, and continued to advertise her kind and gentle nature all over their social media pages. Two years went by however, and no one wanted to offer this lovely dog a forever home. Until something amazing happened – her old family came across Pakita’s photos and realised it was the dog they had lost all that time ago!

lost day reunion 3

It turned out that Pakita had escaped from her family, but they never stopped looking for her and hoping she would one day be back. They arranged to go to the shelter for a reunion.

At first, it didn’t look too good. Pakita remained withdrawn and unsure about the people she was meeting. She kept her distance, but that was until she actually realised who was standing in front of her. Once she got the scent of her old dad, she became overwhelmed with joy!

lost day reunion 1

She couldn’t believe her eyes, and the excitement and happiness took over her entire body. Watch the video and see for yourself how this heart-warming reunion unraveled.