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A Heart-Warming Tale About Two Children And Their Shells

Little boy and his younger sister were walking hand-in-hand back home from a day out on the beach.

As they were walking down the street, little girl stopped at the window of a toy shop, and gasped in amazement.

Her brother stopped too, and asked: “Is there anything you would like”.

She pointed to a teddy-bear sitting on a shelf.


The boy led her into the shop, handed the toy to her and said: “Here you are”.

He then walked up to the counter and spoke to the shop assistant.

“Excuse me, sir. How much is this teddy-bear?”

The elderly shop owner looked at the little boy kindly and said:

“How much have you got?”

The boy looked at the bucket he had been carrying from the beach, full of shells and starfish he found washed up on the shore.

He pulled out six shells, and said:

“This is all I have.”

The man looked at the shells on the counter, and raised his eyes on the boy.

The boy asked, worried “Is this too little?”.

“It’s too much” said the shop assistant, and gave two shells back to the boy.

The children walked out of the shop with big smiles on their faces.


As soon as the door shut behind them, one of the shop assistants asked: “Sorry Sir, but why did you give away such an expensive toy for just some shells?”

The man answered: “To us these are just some shells, but to this boy they were treasures. He is too young to know the value of money. But when he grows up and remembers that I let him have this teddy-bear in exchange of his shells, he will think of me and know that there is good in this world. This will motivate him to be kind to others too, and will spread the good amongst those who surround him. If you do good, it tends to spread and good will prevail. If you do bad, negativity will spread too.”

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