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Four Boys Dress In Onesies And Hide. When The Fabric Is Lifted, The Crowd Burst Into Laughter

When you are in school, sense of humour and the ability to make other people laugh, is one of the most valued characteristics. It’s not easy to be in the centre of attention, but that is exactly what those boys did in order to impress their college friends with their sense of humour. They decided to take part in their school talent show!

school talent show 5

And as you’ll see in a minute, their act was highly entertaining and unique, and the public loved them!

The boys had spent weeks in the rehearsals making sure their routine was perfected to the last move. They thought it would be a hit, and hoped their college friends would enjoy it as much as it deserved it to be.

school talent show 1

They appeared on stage hidden behind a sheet of black fabric, so that no one knew what was hiding beneath.

Once the sheet was lifted, it revealed their elaborate costumes. The boys made puppets which made them look like babies – wearing onsies, bibs and pacifiers. Then the speakers blasted out Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” and boys launched themselves into the goofy routine they created.

school talent show 4

Their dance moves followed a carefully choreographed routine, which made the whole hall burst out with laughter. They even used baseball caps and sunglasses, to make the performance even more hilarious.

school talent show 2

What made the whole production so amusing was the fact that those boys were not necessarily the type to throw such thing together, with the dancing, costumes and music. Once the song had finished, the audience erupted and the clapping was deafening. This is how those fifth-graders just got their creds as comedy geniuses!

school talent show 3

Now watch their performance for yourself and see what you think. Have they got a guaranteed career as comedians?