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Boy Sends Charity Box To A Girl In The Philippines. Over A Decade Later He Gets Message From Her

Christmas is the time of giving, so it is around this time many churches and charities organise collections of small items, which could then be passed on to less fortunate people in Christmas presents.

One such endeavour is Operation Christmas Child, which involves collecting things like small toys, writing equipment, sweets etc, putting them in shoeboxes and sending abroad for poorer communities all over the world. By April 2015, 124 million boxes were shared worldwide since the start of the program in 1990.


Tyler Wolfe got involved in the project together with his family when he was 7 years old. They found out about it through their church, but little did they know what an impact on their life participating in the project would have.

Tyler collected items in the box intended for a girl around the same age as him. He was very excited imagining this un-known girl opening her present on Christmas day, but once the parcel had gone, he forgot all about it. He didn’t know his box was sent to the Philippines.


Then, 10 years later he received a friend request on Facebook from a woman called Joana Marchan. It wasn’t until they started messaging each other when he realised she was the recipient of his Christmas shoe box!


Tyler’s parents warned him to proceed cautiously, as they were not sure of Joana’s intentions. It turned out all she wanted to do was to thank Tyler for his generosity and kindness in taking the time and money to send her the box.


Watch the video to find out how did the relationship between Tyler and Joana developed, once he found out who she was. This story will truly amaze you!