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A Cat Meets The New Puppies For The First Time. I Could Watch This One All Day

This cat is used to being the only child in the house. It gets all the attention, all the treats, all the best sleeping spots. It’s no wonder he is less than impressed when his humans bring some beasts in to the house, and claim they are his brother and sister!

I mean, put yourself in the cat’s situation. Would you like it if some strange creature wanted to lick your face? Walked around you wagging its tail? Tail are there to be held high in the air, to be licked when grooming, not to be wagged! Unless you are watching some juicy birds and are thinking of attacking – that’s when you wag your tail when you are a proper animal, like a cat!

But then, just after a day, the cat is broken. It gives up, it actually starts ENJOYING the company of these two hapless balls of fat and fur. He even plays with them!

This is such a funny and lovely video, share it with your friends, the cat deserves some publicity!