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She Didn’t Think Prince Harry Would Recognize Her, But His Face When He Sees Her Says It All

Being a member of the royal family means devoting a lot of time to supporting charities all over the world, as well as meeting the public, shaking many hands and interacting with numerous fans. This is exactly what Prince Harry does – whilst carrying out his duties, he also dedicates some of the time to meet his fans.


Some of those fans will put themselves through a lot just to secure a spot near the front, where they might have a chance for a more personal interaction with the Prince – like a handshake, or even a hug!

This is the story of one such fan – a 97-year old woman who spent seven hours waiting in the rain, in the hope to see Prince Harry, and in the hope he would remember that they had already met two years earlier.


They met again when Prince Harry was travelling around Australia promoting The Invictus Games, the sporting event he created for sick, injured or wounded army personnel to participate in. Daphne Dunne, the 97-year old widow was amongst the crowd of fans patiently waiting for him to make his rounds in Sydney Harbor. She was anxious for him to spot her, and was hoping he would recognise her from his last visit to Sydney.

It turned out she had nothing to worry about. As Prince Harry made his way around the crowd, he noticed Daphne and instantly reached out to her! He remembered he had met her before, when he was visiting Sydney Opera House with Australian Defense Force. At the time, what drew his attention to Daphne were the military medals she was wearing, and especially the Victoria Cross, the highest award in British honors system.


She explained to him that she a veteran of the Australian Women’s Army Service, and the Victoria Cross medal was actually awarded posthumously to her husband, who fought in II World War. He was 24 when he was killed and they were only married for a year. She wears the medals in his memory, and to show support for the amazing effort Prince Harry puts into helping for veterans and military personnel.


This is not the sort of story that is easily forgotten, so no wonder Prince Harry had no problems recognising Daphne 2 years on. Watch the video to witness their heart-warming reunion.