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Pilot Discovers Why It’s Important To Check Your Microlight For Hidden Cats

You probably know the feeling. You comfortably go off to have a little nap, fall asleep, only to be rudely awaken by a lot of bangs that shake the walls of your apartment. It’s that next door neighbour, still going on with redecorating his bathroom! This time I’m going to give him a piece of my mind! You open your eyes, only to find out that you actually fell asleep on a wing of a microlight, that is just taking off…

Ok, lets be serious, that exact scenario probably never happened to you, but it looks like it may have happened to one unlucky cat. Can you imagine the shock he must have felt when he realised he’s hundreds of feet above ground? Do you want to know how it all ended? Did the cat land on his four feet, as usual? Watch to the end and see for yourself!